How to paint "annie" with your fingers

How to paint

This is Annie. She is a 6 yr old German Shorthaired Pointer / Heeler mix. A sweet enough photo to fingerpaint, don't you think? So grab your supplies from your art store and Lowe's and let's go!

Mix some white & yellow oils onto one paper plate. Prime the entire canvas with your large chip brush so the rest of your painting will blend. Block in Annie's basic shape with your pinky and browns.

Add a second layer of darkness, focusing on the darkest areas of Annie's face. Add the basic shape of the nose as well as the eye cavities. Add some white to the bridge of the nose to round it out.

Add four layers of color for the eyes. Umber, then Sienna, the black pupil, then the white reflections. Focus on the shapes of the reflections and use your pinky to carefully mimic Annie's real stare.

Add detail to Annie's nose, by using some black for shadows, some umber and white for highlights and some Sienna above the nose blending into her nuzzle. Add whiskers with your putty knife.

A few more whiskers above the eyes. Notice that black painted whiskers are just as effective as carved out white ones. Add shadows to the blanket that Annie is snuggling with. Sign with your pinky.

That's all there is to it! The main thing with fingerpainting is to block in color and blend with your finger. Try it out, it's a fun project that can be a very beautiful portrait for your home.

Lowe's : Never Stop Improving

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